Dedicated to cycling and to racing with an emphasis on fun and participation.


Our team riders are all highly experienced and have years of riding behind them.  Most of all we love riding our bikes and have a passion for racing.  Whether it’s a local race, regional amateur event or a world championship we compete with honesty, integrity and work ethic.


Come and meet our riders and support staff.  We are more than happy to share our knowledge, chew the fat or just say hi.  

​We look forward to seeing you on a training ride or at an event.



 Amateur Cycling Team


Scott Fitzgerald - Team Founder

When we first developed the vision for Team CCN-FOIL,  We wanted to form a cycling team based in Hong Kong that will be the envy of other teams and riders and an attraction for sponsors.  I'm extremely proud of how the team has come together and the professionalism displayed by our riders in their dedication to training.  

I am especially humbled by the support from our industry leading sponsors.  I hope that you will enjoy this journey with us and we look forward to making our sponsors and families proud, for without them this would not have been possible.  

-  Leave no man behind

-  Have Fun!

-  Work as a team

-  Exposure for our sponsors

-  Motivate and inspire others

-  Give more than we take

-  Prove its not all about the bike