Richard Whitworth



Loves road racing, because of the opportunity to ride with CCN-FOIL team mates, of great talent and professional commitment to team spirit, our sponsors and the beauty of road racing. 

Daniel Mullin



Racing for 5yrs and fair to say he is addicted!

"I'm really looking forward to racing with the team. There's great camaraderie already and we're only just getting going".

Bryce Munro


Bryce is the ultimate team rider, selfless and enviably strong.  He is very happy working the front or chasing down a break.   We are glad to have Bryce onboard.

Simon Little


South African

A mountain bike  crossover, Simon is another member with great bike handling skills and a strong powerful kick, he's a true team player and drives a solid pace line.

Joe Lee


Hong Kong/British

Joe started road cycling and racing in Hong Kong, coming from an athletics background. A real team player, watch out for him chasing down breaks and leading out for the sprint.

Craig Wilkeson



There isn't a lot Craig can't do on a bike.  With years of racing experience, Craig makes a great on road captain and a true powerhouse with as strong a head as legs.

 Amateur Cycling Team

Tony Pringle



A very experienced cyclist and one of Asia's best bike fitters, Tony initially sponsored the team with his fitting business and soon the draw of the team was too much.

Jason Mansbridge



Former State Champion, one of our most experienced riders.

"Our team is special we all bring something to the road and we have a great time doing it, there is no I in our team".

Scott Fitzgerald


New Zealand

Former NZ MTB team member, with 12yrs road racing experience. 

"I am excited to race with like minded individuals and be having a great deal of fun doing it".

Daniel Carleton

South African

Our resident world Champion, Dan won the 2011 Xterra World Championships and is a formidable Mountain bike rider and recent road convert.  He is one to watch

Bill Singer



Referred to by his teammates as "the tractor", Bill certainly doesn't lack any horsepower.  He's an invaluable team member, just don't be fooled by his constant smile, he will make you hurt! 

Justin Choo



A very accomplished triathlete and strong road cyclist, Jay is a great team member who can wind up a big gear like no other, don't challenge him to squats!

HP Odendaal


South Africa

Cycling for 5 years, but new to road cycling.

"This team is a fantastic way to learn from some great guys, I count myself very fortunate to be part of this great team". 

Alistair Haigh-Smith


South African

A mountain biker at heart, Al enjoys team riding , comrade, working hard and having a united goal .

"The best about the team .... seeing your mates succeed".