Amateur Cycling Team

Garmin - HKG

Garmin was founded in 1989 and is committed to designing products that fuel people’s passions. To be an enduring company by creating superior products for automotive, aviation, marine, outdoor, and sports that are an essential part of their customers’ lives.   Within the team we use Garmin products to make our riding data more reliable and useable.

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GMC Coaching

Team CCN-FOIL riders are all busy professionals, we have families, full time jobs and responsibilities outside of cycling.   Enabling us to juggle our lives with cycling requires us to maximise our training time.   Ex-Proffessional Gordon McCauley and his company GMC Coaching provide just that.  They provide the most up-to date training methods via efficient online platforms which translates to better training and better performance.   coaching is of benefit to ANY cyclist.

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Bike Energy Lab

Team CCN-FOIL is lucky to have the support of Asia's most experienced bike fitter.  Antony at the Bike Energy Lab, is unique - He uses only proven positioning techniques based on a scientific  approach and the most up to date current best practices, coupled with over 25 years experience.  Antony ensures that each of our INDIVIDUAL riders are fitted to their bike correctly and in a manner which enables them to reach their own potential in terms of comfort, power and efficiency.

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Nutrition Asia

Team CCN-FOIL riders need the best nutrition possible we train and race in some of the hottest most testing climates found.  We get this support and access to great brands through our partnership with Nutrition Asia.

Nutrition Asia is a dynamic, full-service distribution company located in Hong Kong, Singapore, and Malaysia. The companies core focus has been on healthy lifestyle and sports nutrition products.

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Foil Wheels

New to the highly competitive carbon wheel market.   Foil Wheels offers a full  range of UCI Approved wheel sets.  Covering all depths, Foil has something for every rider and every discipline.   Tested, ridden, raced and won - you can't go past Foil for your wheel needs.

​Visit and browse the online store and get yourself on a set of the best value high performance wheel sets available, shipped worldwide direct to your door.

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CCN Sportswear

One of the worlds leading manufacturers of High Tech, custom sporting apparel, specialising in cycling and inline skating kit.  CCN ensures that we are wearing the most comfortable, functional and technically advanced kit in the peloton.

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Essen Helmets

Essen originally from Germany now an established brand in Asia, is a manufacturer of high performance and high quality bicycle components and accessories.   The ability to work with the individual customer also gives Essen the ability to custom design and modify items when working with teams.

Our Team is lucky to have custom designed Team Pro helmets offering us style and safety.

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The Revbox Erg supersedes existing stationary trainers by providing athletes with a high performance training tool that has an unlimited resistance range in a compact transportable layout. Design requirements were to create a device that would allow extremely high power output training, from very low to very high cadences, suitable for even the most powerful elite athletes.

Visit and you to will see efficient training has a new name.

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